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Waterfalls & Waves


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eBook (126 pages), Video course (55 min)


Nicole S. Young

Publish date:

December 2015

Delivery method:

Digital download

Filetypes included:

.pdf, .mp4, Image files and presets

Waterfalls & Waves

A Comprehensive Guide to Long Exposure Water Photography

Skill-level: Intermediate/Advanced

This eBook and video tutorial set shows the in-depth process of creating long-exposure images of water. Nicole demonstrates the required gear needed for long exposures, how to set up and calculate your exposure, tips for composing water photographs, and more!

  • eBook: A 126-page written and photo-illustrated guide on long exposure water photography.
  • Video Tutorials: Step-by-step videos showing a handful of techniques and start-to-finish post-processing of long-exposure images using Lightroom and ON1 Photo. Videos may be streamed online or downloaded to a computer.
  • Practice ImageFiles & Presets: Follow along on your own computer using many of the photographs shown in the eBook and videos. Plus, a set of 8 presets is included with your downloads to quickly apply the settings shown in the eBook and videos.

Included with your purchase


  • Number of Pages: 126 pages
  • Format: PDF (Vertical & Horizontal versions)
  • File Size: 106.7 MB
  • Published: December 15, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9982613-2-4
  • ISBN-10: 0-9982613-2-7
  • Practice Files & Presets:
  • Practice Image Files: Six DNG (RAW) files of each image are shown in the video tutorials.
  • Presets: Eight presets (Lightroom CC and ON1 Photo)
  • Total File Size: 4.2 MB 

Video Tutorials:

  • Description: Five videos showing how to process long-exposure images using Lightroom and ON1 Photo. (See the “Table of Contents” below above for more info.)
  • Format: Video (.mp4 files), HD 1080p video
  • Length: 55 minutes, 17 seconds (00:55:17)
  • File Size: 628 MB

Table of Contents


  • Introduction • v
  • Video Tutorials • vi

Camera Gear:

  • Camera Requirements • 2
  • Recommended Lenses • 5
  • Tripod and Tripod Heads • 8
  • Stopwatch • 10
  • Filter Setup • 11
  • Accessories • 14

Settings & Exposure

  • Camera Settings • 18
  • What is a Stop? • 32
  • Calculating Proper Exposure with ND Filters • 33
  • Reading the Light • 40

Composition & Creativity

  • Composition Fundamentals • 43
  • The Best Conditions for Long Exposures • 50
  • Watch Out for Distractions • 53
  • Get Your Feet Wet • 54

Beyond the Basics

  • Long Exposures at Sunrise or Sunset • 56
  • Correcting Color Cast from ND Filters • 61
  • Photographing on Bridges or Platforms • 65
  • Keeping Lenses and Filters Dry • 66
  • Long Exposures and Light Leaks • 68
  • Sinking Sand • 69

Start to Finish:

  • Punalu’u Black Sand Beach • 71
  • Cedar Creek Grist Mill • 92
  • Vernazza in Cinque Terre • 109
  • Conclusion • 126

Video Curriculum:

  • Processing a Long Exposure at Sunrise (00:13:36)
  • Correcting Color Shift from Neutral Density Filters (00:04:06)
  • Punalu’u Black Sand Beach (00:15:08)
  • Cedar Creek Grist Mill (00:08:52)
  • Vernazza in Cinque Terre (00:13:35)

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21 Aug 2019
Claudio G.
Italy Italy
I recommend this product

Clear fresh and silent waters

Dear, Nicole, your book is very useful to me. It's dealing in full with the whole subject. Of course, an important improvement will be in my picture. Thanks a lot. Claudio

17 Aug 2019
Ron W.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Excellent coverage of Waterfalls and Waves

I seemed to have covered the two subjects in an earlier version or this is the same version I may have purchased earlier (please check for duplicated purchase). All the same, all the products on photography from Nicole have been excellent and worth the purchase.

16 Aug 2019
Kevin H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Waterfalls Waves review

Nicole does such a great job teaching bulky subjects and this is not exception. Topics are explained in a methodical manner. Any potential question the student may have is answered during the lesson, never fails. I have watched numerous videos of hers on Lightroom and Photoshop. This ebook and attached videos are great. I can’t wait to start to try some the examples!

15 Aug 2019
Dominic L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Very good

I like her style and most actions are clearly flagged. It's very useful to have the video links from within the main PDF. Using on1 and Lr is a bonus for many users. Good value and pleased I bought it.

31 May 2017
Roger G.
United States United States

Informative & Captivating

The combination of NSY's clear writing and distinct, logically fluent QuickTime videos, made this course not just very informative but one that captivated my attention throughout.

09 Mar 2017
uet R.
Austria Austria

Very informative

This ebook showed me many technics about photographing running water. I am fascinated by the subject, and always loved waterfalls, running rivers and the coast. I like the long exposure, and am very pleased to receive the technical advice, as well as see so many beautiful pictures. Although one can find often a chapter about this in a photographic book, this is the first book I have seen which is dealing with this subject so thoroughly. Please excuse my clumsy English, it is a second language.

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