ON1 Photo RAW: Applying the Borders

Applying Analog Grunge borders using ON Photo RAW

Learn how to apply an Analog Grunge border using the Textures filter in ON1 Photo RAW.

Step 1: Add a Textures filter

Begin with a photo opened in the Edit module.

Then, access the Effects panel.

Step 2: Add the Textures filter

Click Add Filter and choose Textures from the list.

Step 3: Add the Analog Grunge border

Using the Category dropdown, choose the Analog Grunge option from the list. (This category name will be whatever you named your category when you imported the files using the Manage Extras window.)

Then, use the Texture dropdown to select the border you want to apply.

Step 4: Adjust the texture settings

In the texture options, set the Opacity to 100%.

Then, change the Mode to Darker.

You can also use the Transform settings at the bottom of this filter to further adjust the positioning of the border over your image.