Applying borders using the Texture filter in Luminar AI

Applying Analog Grunge borders using Luminar AI

Learn how to apply the Analog Grunge borders using the Texture filter in Luminar AI.

Step 1: Open a photo into the Edit module

Starting in the Catalog, choose a photo you want to work with. Highlight the image and then click Edit at the top.

Step 2: Access the Texture filter

On the right side of the window, click the Local Masking icon.

Next, click Add and select Texture from the dropdown.

Step 3: Add an Analog Grunge border

Click the Texture Selection dropdown, then choose the Custom option using the secondary dropdown.

Click the + (plus) icon and navigate to the border you want to apply to your photo.

Step 4: Adjust the border’s settings

In the options, set the Opacity slider to 100%.

Then, click Advanced Settings to view more options. In this section, change the Blend to Multiply.

Step 4: Resize and reposition the border as needed

Click Place Texture and reposition the texture to fit over your photo.

If you need more control when applying your image borders, I recommend using Adobe Photoshop, ON1 Photo RAW, Affinity Photo, or Luminar Neo.