Applying borders as layers in Luminar Neo

Applying Analog Grunge borders using Luminar Neo

Learn how to add an Analog Grunge border to a photo using Luminar Neo.

Step 1: Open a photo into the Edit module

Starting in the Catalog module, select an image and click Edit at the top to bring the photo into the Edit module.

Step 2: Load the Analog Grunge border layer

On the left side of the Edit module, click the + (plus) icon to add a new layer.

Then, click Load Image at the top and navigate to the border image you want to apply. The border image will appear in the My Images section.

Next, click the border image thumbnail you just added to apply it as a new layer to your document.

Step 3: Adjust the Layer Properties

In the Layer Properties on the right, set the Opacity to 100%.

Rotate and resize the border layer as needed so it fits over your document.

Then, change the Blend to Multiply to hide the layer’s white areas so that the border’s dark edges show through.