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Product Details:


10 Creative Profiles


Digital download

Compatible with:

Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop (Adobe Camera Raw)

Filetype included:


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Nicolesy Contempo 01: Contrast

Nicolesy Contempo 01: Matte

Nicolesy Contempo 02: Contrast

Nicolesy Contempo 02: Matte

Nicolesy Contempo 03: Contrast

Nicolesy Contempo 03: Matte

Nicolesy Contempo 04: Contrast

Nicolesy Contempo 04: Matte

Nicolesy Contempo 05: Contrast

Nicolesy Contempo 05: Matte

Installation Instructions

Use the instructions below to find out how to install your presets into Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop ACR.

Lightroom CC

Preset installation instructions:

Open Lightroom CC and access the Presets panel.

Note: The Presets panel is located at the bottom of the Edit section.

Next, click on the “…” drop down and select Import Presets.

Navigate to the Nicolesy Contempo preset pack and select it to import into Lightroom CC. Your profiles will then install and are ready to use.

Lightroom Classic & Photoshop ACR

Preset installation instructions:

First, in Lightroom, go to the Lightroom Preferences (NOT Catalog Preferences) and make sure that the “Store preset with this catalog” option is not checked.

On your computer, navigate to the Camera Raw settings folder:

  • Mac: ~ / Library / Application Support / Adobe / CameraRaw / Settings
  • Windows: C: \ ProgramData \ Adobe \ CameraRaw \ Settings

Create a folder in the Settings folder called “Nicolesy Contempo”. Then, drag-and-drop the .xmp preset files into this folder.

Now, restart Photoshop or Lightroom Classic. The profiles and presets are now available inside of Lightroom and Photoshop: