ON1 Photo RAW

Applying the Fireworks overlays in ON1 Photo RAW

Learn how to apply the Fireworks overlays using the Layers panel in ON1 Photo RAW.

Step 1: Open a photo in ON1 Photo RAW

Open your image into ON1 Photo RAW and access the Edit module on the right.

Step 2: Add the Fireworks overlay

Access the Layers panel at the top and click the + icon.

Navigate to the Fireworks overlay, and click the Add as Layer button on the bottom right. The overlay will be added as a new layer in the Layers panel.

Step 3: Blend the Fireworks overlay

Click the gear icon at the bottom of the Layers panel to bring up the blending options. Change the blend mode to Screen.

Step 4: Transform the layer

Use the Transform tool to reposition and resize the layer.