Thank you for attending my session at Adobe MAX 2022! Below you’ll find Lightroom Discover links to many of the images I showed during my presentation. Feel free to “remix” the photo in Lightroom to see what you can create!

— Nicole

Download the slideshow from this presentation (PDF, 26.4 MB):

Silver Falls

For this photo, I corrected the color with the Temperature slider to remove the blue and added brightness and contrast using the Light panel. I also used a mask to intensify the fog at the top of the falls. Lastly, I added a color grading effect to improve the overall colors.

Bee on Heather Bush

I started by cropping this photo to focus on the bee. Then, I added an Adaptive preset (Warm Pop) and the LN06 (landscape) preset for more vibrance. I edited the first preset’s mask to add more brightness and contrast to the bee and finished the image with a subtle vignette.

Panther Creek

I began by clicking the Auto button in the Light panel, which did a great job. Then I used the Color Mixer to reduce the Yellow hue and increase the Green hue (both slight adjustments). I added a radial gradient mask at the top, adjusted the settings to mimic fog, and ended with a vignette.

Lavender Field

I started with this image by adding two presets: a landscape preset (LN09) to increase the contrast and vibrance and an adaptive sky preset (Blue Drama) which intensified the clouds. Then I increased the contrast and shadows overall, and reduced the intensity of the sky preset, and made it warmer.

Garden Spider

For this image, I used the Geometry tools to correct for image distortion, making this spider more upright in the scene. I also used some masking to adjust the spider to make it more pronounced selectively. Then, I finished with a vignette to darken the edges.


I began by adding two presets: Landscape (LN10), and Adaptive: Subject (Pop). I cropped the photo to a 4×5 ratio to balance the composition, made some adjustments to the mask, added noise reduction, used the healing brush to remove blemishes, and finished with a subtle vignette.

Autumn Creek

I wanted to bring out the “autumn feel” of this scene. I started by adding fog using masks and also used color grading to make a cool/warm split effect. I also used masks to add more light to the foreground and finished the edit with a subtle vignette.


For this photo, I wanted to make the bird stand out from the background. I used masks to make the subject brighter and then duplicated and inverted the mask to darken the area behind the bird. I also added noise reduction to minimize the grain from the high ISO.