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The 52 Photo Challenge


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eBook (237 pages)

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Nicole S. Young

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Published on: January 19, 2023 // ISBN: 978-1-7323261-5-6

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Digital download

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.pdf (Includes both horizontal and vertical PDF formats)

The 52 Photo Challenge

The 52 Photo Challenge

Weekly photo topics for year-round inspiration

Weekly photo topics for year-round inspiration

Are you stuck in a photography rut and need motivation? Are you a new photographer looking to grow your craft? Or maybe you are looking to expand your portfolio with different types of photography? If so, you’ll find what you need in the 52 Photo Challenge eBook! This eBook contains 52 weekly technique-driven projects to help inspire you and give you the drive you’ve been looking for to get out with your camera and learn more about photography.

This challenge guide is perfect for both beginner and professional photographers looking for new and creative ways to improve their skills. It provides an in-depth and practical inspiration approach, helping you take great photos throughout the year. This photography book is a great resource for improving your photography skills, creativity, and self-confidence. It includes 52 unique and creative photography projects that are both fun and educational that will help keep you engaged and productive for weeks.

  • With 52 weeks of photography challenges, you’ll create at least one new photo every week and expand your portfolio.

  • This challenge guide is perfect for both beginner and professional photographers looking for new and creative ways to improve their skills.

  • The book contains 52 weekly technique-driven projects that will inspire and give you the drive you need to get out with your camera and learn more about photography.

  • The eBook provides an in-depth and practical approach to inspiration, helping you create great photos throughout the year.

“I believe all photographers benefit from the Nicolesy 52-week challenge! It’s a direct route to being creative and learning to see through the camera lens.”

Judy G.

“I loved the curiosity the 52 Photo Challenge created in me to want to try different approaches for each prompt.”

Soymaya S.

“The 52 Photo Challenge hit the sweet spot of life balance and committing time to improve my photography.”

Paul O.

“I recommend Nicole’s challenge to every photographer.”

Peter R.

“… I learned a lot, I had a really good time, I discovered many new ways to take pictures, to make a long story short, I am in for the 52 Photo Challenge again in 2023.”


“The weekly topics and tutorials gave me a much-needed push to concentrate on technique and creativity … I’m looking forward to another year!”

G. Fayhee

“Over the 52 weeks, I tried all sorts of new photography, learned more about how to get it right in the camera rather than through post-production, and turned more into a photographer than someone with a camera.”

GS Gilbert

“Participating in the 52 Photo Challenge gave me just the motivation that was necessary to push me to pick up the camera.”

Teresa Baber

“The 52 Photo Challenge helped us get out with our cameras again. It often got us out of our comfort zone and learn new techniques.”

John C.

“The 52 Photo Challenge was a wonderful opportunity for me to be motivated to get myself out of the house using my camera. My skills improved in using light, composition, and visualization.”

Carol J.

“The 52 Photo Challenge was a transformational experience that helped me understand the capabilities of my camera.”

Neil S.

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24 Jan 2024
Denis D.

A great and simple way to improve your photography

I was looking for a way to re-energize my passion for photography. I had read articles and books on finding inspiration, but to no avail. I decided to give Nicole’s book a chance. So far, it has sparked my interest in taking photos again. Why? By providing a theme each week with a simple but comprehensive presentation on options to achieve that theme, I again realised that there is a world of photographic possibilities before our eyes and that creativity is never far out of reach. My cameras have been taken out of their bags and are now at the ready for the next weekly challenge.

21 Jan 2024
Stephanie M.

Great Project to Jump Start Your Creativity

doing the challenge last year heled me jump start creativity, and photo skills

19 Jan 2024
Joanna C.

A fun and informative challenge!

I volunteer at the local Senior Center, leading a photography group. I bought the book to give me ideas to share with my students. I love the variety of topics!

Nicolesy The 52 Photo Challenge Review
18 Jan 2024
William G.

Wide range of interesting challenges

In "52 Photo Challenge" Nicole Young has mapped out an inventory of photographic skills for the student to master and then apply when that technique adds value to the image. The organization of challenges, by technique, rather than subject matter, is a fascinating way to push photographers to play creatively. I decided to begin at the beginning, with bokeh, which to me had been no more than an accidental feature of an image. The challenge asks me to think about how, and why, to create it deliberately as a compositional element. I'm not interested in the "weekly" element of the challenge - I'll park on a challenge as long as I need to.

Nicolesy The 52 Photo Challenge Review
09 Apr 2023
Joseph F.

Refreshing way to see better.

The 52 week Photo Challenge, Provides a fresh creative way to see around your part of the world to find new and interesting things to photograph and see. By simply concentrating on one aspect of seeing you develop new skills for a new shot. This isn't something you would just do once, by looking over the task a second time, you continue to improve just by seeing.

A Nicolesy Customer
14 Feb 2023
Steven S.

I love the challenges!

This is my second year of doing Nicolesy's 52 Photo Challenge. I already know what the challenge will be for each week, and I bought this book, anyway. I like her sample photographs and the descriptions and explanations she gives for each topic. I highly recommend this book!

Nicolesy The 52 Photo Challenge Review
13 Feb 2023
Ray C.

Understanding the Weekly Challenges

Nicole has spent many hours putting together a fine explanation of each weekly challenge with outstanding photos. I have included my summary of the topics that I needed clarification on. Her free downloads at include LR and Photoshop presets, texture and overlays and LUT files. Her Youtube channel includes a huge range of LR and Photoshop videos. I highly recommend the ebook. Patterns - fill the frame with nature elements or manmade architecture Symmetry - in nature or architectural design or smaller scale Sense of scale - add people or common objects to your scene One lens - limit your options just use one lens all week Series - a collage of images with one theme eg flowers Flat lay - table top photo of food or tools or camera gear Behind the scenes - a pull back shot showing the camera and setup Unique Perspective - looking up or down or on the inside of something Starburst - into a light source using a small aperture or special filter Fill the frame - get in close to the subject or crop heavily in processing Spot metering - meter only where the centre of focus is - bright spot? Handheld long exposure - slow shutter speed or intentional camera movement Shoot through - like framing but using a very wide aperture to blur foreground Faces - make the eye (or eyes) the main focus of people or animals Environmental portrait - use a wide angle lens and get people at work or at play Details - a leaf or close-up of a scene (two photos showing a scene and details) Fog and steam - early morning landscape or steam trains in action Overlay - using to add textures using a blend or screen mode Analog -use a film camera or recreate film with post processing (eg colorise a B&W) A thousand words - a scene that incites emotion involving something meaningful to you Portfolio - display your best work on a website, a calendar, an ebook or a collage

Nicolesy The 52 Photo Challenge Review
10 Feb 2023
Dean R.

Track record of my growth.

I purchased the book to spur me to pick up my camera and get more technical each week. The book has done that with the right amount of instruction and a challenge. In addition, the community for instant gratification and comparison. I have already grown so much. Lastly, the book provides a lasting track record for the techniques I have successfully accomplished.

05 Feb 2023
Raymond J.


I found the format and suggestions to be brief and to the point. Very helpful with suggestions and how to use various techniques to get successful results.

05 Feb 2023
Neil S.

Are you Tired of Taking the Same Old Photos

If you are tired of taking the same old pictures and you need a change then purchase Nicole Young’s 52 Week Photo Challenge where you can enjoy a new photographic challenge each week. This isn’t a typical how-to book but one that gets you to “see” new opportunities for photos that are around you. The challenges are fun, and thought-provoking, and will challenge you to use your favorite camera or smartphone in ways you have perhaps never thought about. The assignments are simple and ways are suggested on how to use your camera to capture those unforgettable photos. It is also filled with photos to support each assignment. The challenges in this book, if you accept them, will make you "see" the world around you in a different way….it has me!

05 Feb 2023
Alan W.

How about a 52 Photo Challenge Workshop?

Hi Nicole, The 52 Photo Challenge is great, and pushes us to expand our creative skills. Especially wonderful are the truly superb submissions by a number of students on your site. That by itself is worth the money. But if there's a downside to the course, it's that students are naturally hesitant to be give any opinion on someone else's photograph that might seem harsh. The closest we have to an approval or disapproval rating is the number of likes a photo will collect. With that in mind, I would like to propose the idea of a 52 Photo Challenge Workshop, where each subject would contain a detailed tutorial, and two or three videos and work-along files. The members would have a website where they would upload their own photos, telling other members exactly what they did to capture the shot, and how they processed it. Most importantly, others would be perfectly free to give an honest critique, regardless of how harsh their opinion might be. As you well know, photographers must have a thick skin, or they can't learn anything. The workshop would be a perfect setting for this. The alternative, (and perhaps the one you might choose) is to list at the bottom of your weekly challenges where students could get much more detailed instructions on a particular genre, through books and videos, and then see what progress they might be making by the number of likes their photos earn. Thanks for taking the time to read.

A Nicolesy Customer
04 Feb 2023
Martin T.

Perfect for my current state of photographic lethargy!

I have gone a bit flat in enthusiasm for using my camera of late. This book, plus Nicolesy’s 52-week online challenge, has motivated me to get off my duff and start using my cameras for other than paperweights again!

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