10 — Start to Finish in ON1 Photo RAW

Download the image file for this lesson:

This lesson shows a complete start-to-finish tutorial using only ON1 Photo RAW. I will begin by processing the Raw files and combining the images in the Layers module. Then I take the composited image into ON1 Effects to stylize and finish the file. And last but not least, I export the image to share it online.

In this lesson, I will demonstrate the following:

  • How to use the RAW module to process Raw files and also sync those edits with another file in Browse
  • Creating a composite with the two images in the Layers module
  • Simple masking techniques in ON1 Layers
  • How to take the final composite and edit it in Effects
  • Exporting the completed file to share it online

Note: This video was created using an early version of ON1 Photo RAW (released in December 2016). If you are watching this video at a later time, there may be new features added to your version that are not visible in this video.