05 — The Layers Module

Download the image file for this lesson:

Layers and masking are two essential elements of many professional photographers’ workflows. If you are new to this topic, then never fear; the technique is much more straightforward than you may realize! ON1 Photo Layers can do many things regarding layer masking and houses some helpful tools to get you there.

In this lesson, I will discuss the following using the ON1 Photo’s Layers module:

  • A quick introduction to masking
  • How to add a new sky to a photograph
  • A demonstration of some of the masking inside of ON1 Layers and Effects
  • Integrating the Develop and Effects modules with ON1 Layers

Note: This video was created using an early version of ON1 Photo RAW (released in December 2016). If you are watching this video at a later time, there may be new features added to your version that are not visible in this video.